Londal Consulting has more than 40 years experience in the information business and can help you gain a competitive advantage. We can help you choose and implement the right Data environment for your company. If you already have the environment then we can help you improve it.

Since Londal Consulting developed their first website in 1995 they have gained valuable insight into the opportunities and pitfalls the digital world creates. Today, a website is mandatory for every business. A well presented and useful website can increase business and provide priceless information about your customers and prospects. Many, if not all your applications run in a web environment and uses online storage. It has never been easier to gather information and Londal Consulting can help you create effective methods to increase data efficiency and the value of your intelligence. We can also help you gain a ‘competitive advantage’ as well as making sure you operate within the boundaries of privacy regulations.

Based in the Netherlands, Londal Consulting has helped several companies throughout Europe improve their performance and can help your company too. Would you like to know more about Business/Customer Intelligence, Big Data or GDPR/AVG? Contact us for an independent and objective advice.